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Privacy Policy

Respect for the privacy of users is a key characteristic of the administration of resource. On this page, you will learn the principles of collecting customer information in favor of Trustcoin, as well as understand how we use it. For additional clarifications regarding the privacy policy, each user can contact the administration directly.

Logging of visits

Trustcoin reserves the right to free logging, which records depersonalized information about user activity within the site. The collection of information is carried out on the same principles on which any other sites and hosting services carry out similar activities. The log file includes the IP address and information about the browser used, an indication of the exact date and time, as well as a list of visited pages of the Trustcoin website. Personal information protected by law from unauthorized use is not included in the log files.

The collection of the described information is carried out by the portal solely to understand the needs of customers, general statistics, and improve the site.


The use of cookies is a common practice today, which is followed by the administration of Trustcoin. A cookie file stores information about the pages visited on the site and helps the browser remember your settings. Thanks to such files, a user, for example, from his home computer always gets to his favorite site without authorization. However, the cookie, like the log, does not contain any personalized information.

Interaction with advertisements displayed on the Trustcoin website may be accompanied by the creation of entries in third-party cookies. The transition to the advertiser’s page means that the user’s rights are now secured by the privacy policy of the site to which he came. In this regard, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with it separately. The Trustcoin administration does not have access to and does not manage cookies created by other sites, but also cannot guarantee that they do not collect additional information about visitors.

Cookies can be completely disabled – then no sites will remember your settings, but they will not be able to collect any other information. Look for information on how to do this on the official website of your browser developer.

Protection of personal information of children

Trustcoin service should not be of particular interest to persons under the age of majority. The site administration does not collect any information that helps to identify such users. At the same time, we urge parents to carefully monitor the web surfing of children, since young users, due to inexperience, can disseminate personal information about themselves and their acquaintances, as well as unauthorized use of the Trustcoin website. If a child has published information here that is not subject to disclosure, contact the administration – we undertake to delete personal data as soon as possible.

Privacy Policy Coverage

This privacy policy applies only to the Trustcoin website, and cannot automatically apply to any other resources on the Internet. Other sites may be less careful with your information or deliberately collect it for their purposes.

By using the Trustcoin website, you are considered a user who has agreed to this privacy policy. Disagreeing with it means that you must stop using the resource.