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4 ноября 2021


9 октября 2021




BSC Адрес Контракта : 0x1a8aBa2db33C589cF719698E2e6830742286703b

Статус: Перечислен
Категория: DeFi
Votes: 742
Votes today: 0
Сеть: BSC

Private sale Friday 

Currently running 4 competitions!




Stop chasing copy cat meme tokens and chase a real token. 


Max supply 2,917,000,000,000


RisingDragons will be holding a Private sale and a Pre-sale. During this time the Private sale buyers will earn an extra 25% on their investment. Private sell will start when we reach 200 members!!! Just over 100 members left to get!Pre-sale buyers will earn an extra 10% on their investment.


A small private sale will be held to gain funds for advertising and marketing.

🔐: 70% goes to Liquidity 


✔️: The contract will be audited as soon as the funds are available!

✔️: Innovative ideas to get the most out of your RisingDragons Tokens.

✔️: The longevity of this project is here for a lifetime and many more.




🔥4% Buyback (Burn)

🤑4% Reflections (BUSD Rewards)

🏝4% Liquidity Pool

🥇2% Marketing.


1st competition is live. 2nd will be live at 7 PM Central time. 3rd will be live tomorrow. 

1st competition 3 lucky winners will receive 500M Tokens and a free T-shirt. 2nd comp 10 lucky winners will receive 100M Tokens. 3rd competition 10 lucky winners will receive 200M Tokens!


Don't miss out on your opportunity to win extra tokens!!!


Contract Address : 0x1a8aBa2db33C589cF719698E2e6830742286703b






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4 ноября 2021


9 октября 2021

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