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Terms and Conditions

Use of the website assumes full acceptance of these terms and conditions, including all the provisions set forth. The use of the site functionality by the client automatically means his agreement with everything stated here. Read the terms of use carefully, and refuse to work with the site if you strongly disagree with some points.

The use of by minors under the age of 18 is not permitted.

How are lists formed on

Anyone can place their virtual currency on the site by filling out a special form. The administration does not verify the specified information, therefore only the author himself is responsible for its veracity.

New currencies fall into the section with the appropriate name until they collect at least 350 votes in their favor. From this moment they can be presented in the sections “Top Today”, “+New”, “Haven’t launched yet” and “All time”. reserves the right to delete any virtual currency if there is sufficient reason to believe that the information about it is untrue. Votes in favor of the currency can also be withdrawn if they are screwed up.

The site administration asks visitors to be vigilant: if you see inaccurate information, be sure to inform us.

Restrictions in force

Some actions of visitors to will be regarded by the administration of the resource as unauthorized. Among the violations are considered:

  • Any automation of user actions, including fake visits and vote wrapping;
  • Reprinting information from this site in other places without specifying the source;
  • Selling data from the site or trying in another way to make money on what is protected by the copyright of the resource owners;
  • Activities aimed at disrupting the operation of the website, including restricting access to the resource for individual users;
  • Violation of applicable laws with the involvement of the site;
  • Use of the site as an advertising platform for other resources.

It is also not recommended to transfer your username and password to unauthorized persons, as this may cause loss or unauthorized use of your account. The administration reserves the right to block any user found to have violated the above.

Use of user-generated content

By publishing any materials on the site, including any images, audio messages, videos, and even text, the user shares non-exclusive rights to distribute such content in favor of The administration has the right to reproduce and distribute this content, including translating it into foreign languages. In this case, the user is obliged to make sure that he does not violate anyone’s copyright in his publications. If a violation has occurred, only the one who published the object of someone else’s copyright on the site is considered guilty of it.

Limitation of Liability is a service designed to distribute user information. The administration does not check it for compliance with reality, and cannot be held responsible if the information provided by users turns out to be inaccurate.

Changes to these terms

The administration has the right to change the terms of use of the site at any time to bring them in line with the current legislation. Users are obliged to periodically re-check the terms since the use of the site means automatic acceptance of all the provisions set forth.